Sean J.

I am ecstatic over the exceedingly awesome job Joy Delivered did on organizing our barn! They exceeded and completely blew away my expectations. Our barn with plenty of square footage was a dumping ground of miscellaneous items from our home and business. It looked like a “dump”. I asked them to post before and after pictures on Facebook! They were not overwhelmed with the task at all and dove right in. Their communication was impeccable. We gave them free range with how they wanted to organize the barn because I trust them 1,000,000%! They are always excited about the projects they take on and greet us with a smile! The project was completed quickly and exceeded my expectations. The whole experience was worry free. The best way to describe my satisfaction with this project is “Joyful”! Seeing the results took my breath away! I highly recommend the Joy Delivered Team and WILL work with them again!