About Us

We’re immersed in transactional interactions every day. Joy Delivered values a different experience. Our focus is on developing relationships, growing trust, and making a positive impact in the lives of others.

Our vision is to create a world where every person has a reason to smile

We do this by helping you with the things on your list that you’d rather not be doing. Your time is precious and we want you to spend it on the things that breathe life into you! Let us help you with your home, yard, or car. We specialize in making things beautiful.



Unleash our organizing experts on those areas that tend to get a bit untidy. Our specialities are basements and garages, but we have experience tackling any and every room in your home. We now offer tiered pricing levels to make it even easier get started. Learn more

Interior Design

Want a new look for a space in your home? Spruce it up with new color, furniture, and decor. From concept to shopping to execution, we can pull together all of the elements that will give your room a new energy. Free estimates available

On-site Interior Car Detailing

Our #1 service is back again in 2022! Besides being crazy convenient, we make this experience special because of the care and obsessive attention to detail that we provide. New this year: subscriptions! Learn more

Handyman Help

We love a good challenge! Give us toys or furniture to assemble, a wall of pictures to hang, a new light fixture to install, or any other project where we can bust out our tools. Let’s tackle that to-do list together! $45-50/hr


If you’ve been wanting to spruce up that bathroom or bedroom with a fresh coat of paint, we can help. Our speciality is small rooms or outdoor areas. $45-50/hr

Yard Work

This is a broad category and we do most everything in it. Power washing, bush trimming, weeding, planting, leaf raking, gardening, landscaping, and more! $40-45/hr

Team Joy

Joe Winters, Owner

Joe walked away from Corporate America to follow a call to bring joy to everyone he encounters. His crazy, energetic, creative spirit is paired with a logical, organized, engineering background. The results are high quality and very entertaining. Joe founded Joy Delivered in 2018 and currently manages Operations, Finances, and Logistics.

Jen Sullivan, Owner

Jen’s background in education and management have helped her learn to lead with love. She continuously smashes any challenge that comes her way. Her contagious smile, positive attitude, and empathatic spirit enrich every life she encounters. Jen joined Joy Delivered in 2019 and currently manages HR, Marketing, and Development.

Barb Durkin

Barb has that magical combination of creativity, curiosity, and confidence. Couple that with mad skills formed through years of countless home projects and you have someone who is not afraid to tackle any project thrown at her. Whether it is gardening, painting, organizing, or cleaning, Barb can transform any space into pure joy.

Chris Hushek

Chris brings such a great energy to the team and to everyone he encounters. Calm, confident, funny, and grounded, Chris has the gift to connect with others. But don’t be fooled: lurking under that casual demeanor is someone who can build a deck just as easily as he can hem your grandma’s apron.

Lucy Winters

Lucy delivers a burst of youthful energy to every person and situation. Her sense of style and trends lend themselves well to organizing and interior design. Combine that with a natural desire to keep things clean and orderly and she has the recipe for making all things beautiful.

Samantha Serio

Samantha is that person you go to when you need to get something done. Joyful, artistic, and smart, she can create something that serves a purpose and looks amazing. Her ability to learn quickly is a perfect match for her spirit of curiosity.


Get Your Joy On. Literally.

Now you can join us in sharing our vision with the world! We have taken great care to create clothing and accessories that promote a message of joy to inspire you and everyone you encounter.

And here’s the best part. . .

100% of the proceeds from the sales of our merch will be used to help people in our community who need a little extra joy.



Empowering the next generation.

We believe in providing the next generation with the tools (literally and figuratively) to be strong and independent. Learn more about our summer camp program.



We can’t wait to meet you and bring some joy into your life! Call or text 414-409-3209 or fill out the form below to get started. Please give us 2-3 days to respond to your request. We will reply via text unless you tell us otherwise — sometimes emails get lost in spam. Thanks!


I wanted to say thank you again for all of your hard work and services! It was great working with you and I appreciate how professional and safe you made us feel to work with you during a pandemic! The overall experience was great and the communication was always thought out and helpful. Y’all are rockstars!

Sara H.

Ok, so my car is NEVER clean and it has only gotten worse with having kids. My lovely sister Rebecca got Dustin and I a Joy Delivered gift card for Christmas. I was able to have them come and detail my car today. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed. My car has never looked so squeaky clean! I highly recommend that you check them out and give Joy Delivered a try! Joy Delivered is so friendly and accommodating which makes it so easy to get the things you’re dreading to do, done!

Allison E.


2022 is the year for YOU. We want to deliver more joy to more people. To do that, we need YOU. We need your gifts. We need your courage. Your smile. Your joy.

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