Team Joy

Joe Winters

Joe walked away from Corporate America to follow a call to bring joy to everyone he encounters. His crazy, energetic, creative spirit is paired with a logical, organized, engineering background. The results are high quality and very entertaining.

Jen Sullivan

Jen’s background in education and management have helped her learn to lead with love. She is always up for a challenge and willing to tackle just about anything. . .with the skills to pull it off. Her contagious smile, positive attitude, and empathatic spirit enrich every life she encounters.

Lucy Winters

Lucy delivers a burst of youthful energy to every person and situation. Her sense of style and trends lend themselves well to organizing and interior design. Combine that with a natural desire to keep things clean and orderly and she has the recipe for making all things beautiful.

Samantha Serio

Samantha is that person you go to when you need to get something done. Joyful, artistic, and smart, she can create something that serves a purpose and looks amazing. Her ability to learn quickly is a perfect match for her spirit of curiosity.