Organizing Tiers & Pricing

We want to make it as easy as possible to get you the organizing help you need. Below you will find our pricing for the different levels of organizing that we typically encounter. If you’re not sure which level is right for you, let’s start a conversation! Text 414-409-3209 or email to get started.

All of the levels below include. . .
Small Projects | Great for closets, pantries, and small rooms

Level 1: “The Fresh Start”. Sometimes you just need to shake things up a bit. You’ve been staring at your closet, watching it get more disorganized each time you open the doors. [Enter Joy Delivered] We will reimagine the space and create order from the chaos by cleaning, sorting, and rearranging the items inside. We can also add your preference of materials and containers to give it that extra boost. $280 + materials (if used)

Medium Projects | Ideal for basements, garages, and bedrooms

Level 2: “The Big Purge”. The hallmark of this level is — you guessed it — saying bye-bye to stuff! We know it’s not easy to do. It’s overwhelming and emotionally exhausting. But it feels SO GOOD when it is all done. Trust us, you will feel so much lighter. For this level, we will do all the things that we do for The Fresh Start plus we will remove and recycle/donate all unwanted items. See FAQ’s below for how we do this. $560 + materials (if used)

Large Projects | Perfect for basements, large rooms, and whole houses

Level 3: “The Overhaul“. This is the big enchilada! Give us your messiest room and let us turn it into a space that sings angelic music every time you walk into it. We will reimagine your space, add materials and containers, help you purge unwanted items, haul items away, AND take a deep dive into those bins that overwhelm you. Did we say deep? Yes, very deep. Starting at $640 + materials (if used)


Level 4: “The Facelift”. Wait, you want more? Well, it’s your lucky day because we DO offer more. We fashion ourselves as Armchair Interior Designers. We have an artistic eye and the skills to pull off the designs that we concoct. Spruce up your room with new colors, furniture, and decor. We can help create the concept and do all the work to make it happen. Design, Research, Planning, and Mood Board $240. Installment price based on free estimate.


Q: How do you decide what to get rid of?
A: We have several methods that we use to decide what goes and we will choose the method that works best for you. Based on initial feedback, we can create small, non-threatening staging areas of things that we think should go. Usually it’s a quick once-over and then done! The best part is that we can do this method in person or via text! We can also work side-by-side with you if that is easier. We invite you to pre-tag items in advance to give us a head start.

Q: How do I know which tier is right for me?
A: The easiest way to give a quick assessment is for you to email or text us a couple photos and describe your goals. We can usually figure it out from there. If not, we’ll set up a time to meet.

Q: What’s the next step?
A: We’d love to hear from you! Text 414-409-3209 or email or fill out the form at the bottom of our homepage.

Q: What if I can’t afford one of these levels?
A: Please tell us! We have options for you. We want to help you!!

Q: What if I have a job that is smaller than a half day?
A: This is a great opportunity to consider another smaller project to bundle with it! Got another small closet or set of drawers that needs help? We could also supplement with handiwork around the house, like hanging artwork.

Q: Are there any items that you cannot haul away?
A: Yes. If we cannot properly dispose of something via our waste/recycling services, we cannot take it. We are also restricted to only taking donations that are accepted by Habitat Restore, Goodwill, and St. Vincent de Paul. Many of those organizations have imposed tighter restrictions recently. Here are some of the things that we cannot haul away for you: paint, mattresses, mirrors, TV’s & monitors, and computers.