Joy Delivered Summer Camp

Camp Overview

The purpose of Joy Delivered’s “Girls Can Too!” summer camp is to empower girls ages 11-14 by teaching them trade skills such as building, fixing, creating, designing, painting, and gardening in order to create confidence and independence. Every week will feature a new skill that will be put into practice on projects that each girl will get to take home throughout the summer. Additionally, the girls will be combining their efforts on a group project that will benefit the community.


Jen Sullivan has her Master’s Degree in Education and a passion for teaching youth, particularly girls. Her tenure with Joy Delivered has built up her arsenal of skills which she loves sharing with others. Jen has two daughters, Lucy (12) and Emma (8).

Joe Winters has his Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and launched Joy Delivered in 2018 with the vision to create a world where every person has a reason to smile. His patience with teaching others is a gift. Joe has a daughter Lucy (18) and son Alex (15). 


Arts @ Large has been a Joy Delivered client and partner for over two years. Their mission — to activate Milwaukee’s communities to build environments that support arts-rich, lifelong learning — is the perfect backdrop to host our camp. The facilities at Arts @ Large include a full workshop and art studio, which we will be utilizing, along with nearby Paliafito Eco-Arts Park.

2021 Curriculum

Weeks 1 & 2
Camp Overview, Introductions, Communication, Team Building, Shop Safety
Theme: Reclaiming and Repurposing
Skills: Sawing, Sanding, Demolition, Drilling, and Painting
Project: Garden Signpost

Weeks 3 & 4
Theme: Restoring & Renovating
Skills: Previous skills + designing and planning
Project: Arts @ Large Cafe Cart

Weeks 5 & 6
Theme: Electricity &  STEM
Skills: Previous skills + electrical work
Project: Lamp / Garden light

Weeks 7 – 9
Theme: Growing & Gardening
Skills: Previous skills + designing and gardening
Project: Raised garden planter


Q: Can I stay on site while my child is participating in the camp?
A: Yes! Arts @ Large has a cafe with delicious food and drink. 

Q: How are you handling COVID?
A: We will be following CDC guidelines along with Arts @ Large policies with regard to safe practices. Currently that includes wearing a mask when indoors and within close proximity to one another. 

Q: Is lunch provided?
A: Lunch is not provided as part of the camp, however, Arts @ Large has an excellent cafe where you could have lunch afterwards.

Q: How do I register my daughter?
A: Email and let us know you’re interested.