The YOU22 Challenge

2022 is the year for you

This is the year for change. The year to celebrate your gifts. The year to stop settling. To take a chance. To do something extraordinary.

Joy Delivered is more than just a business

We are a catalyst for making the world a better place. Every action that we do – big and small – is intentionally created for the soul purpose of delivering joy to others.

we want to take this to the next level

To do that, we need you. We need your gifts. We need your courage. Your smile. Your joy.

Are you Ready? here we go…

  1. Grab your phone. Think of the first person who has made an impact on your life. Text them this message: “Thank you for bringing joy into my life.” See where it goes from there!
  2. Still have your phone? Good. Now think of the first person who should join our team. Maybe that’s you! Send them to this page and ask them to consider this unique opportunity.