Here are some of the services offered by Joy Delivered. If you need help with something and don’t see it on this list, please ask!


  • On-site Interior Car Detailing | Includes carpet vacuum & shampoo, floormats, leather conditioning, trunk, windows, and white-glove detail work on the dash, dials, and hard surfaces throughout using our homemade doTERRA essential oil cleaner. Offered year-round.
  • Basement or Garage Cleanup & Organizing | Unleash our organizing experts on those areas that tend to get a bit untidy. In addition to cleaning and organizing, we can also install shelving units and hangers. We’re happy to take unwanted items to donation centers as part of this service.


  • Handyman Help | Light- to Medium-Duty help around the house. If your job is not in our skillset, we will refer you to one of our partners.
  • Furniture & Toy Assembly | Whether it’s a jungle gym or a new dresser, we can have it put together for you in no time!
  • Interior Painting | If you’ve been wanting to spruce up that bathroom or bedroom with a fresh coat of paint, we can help. Our sweet spot is smaller spaces. . .for bigger jobs involving multiple spaces, we would refer you to a professional painter.
  • Picture Hanging | Do you have pictures and paintings that you’ve been meaning to hang for months? We have artist eyes to help!
  • Window Washing | Single-stories only unless windows fold in.
  • Vacation Checks-ins | We can check on pets, plants, lights, mail, garbage, etc. Travel time to-and-from is a part of the cost. 


  • Yard Work | Includes bush trimming, weeding, planting, leaf raking, and more! Just let us know how we can help spruce up your yard.
  • Landscaping & Gardening | Point us to a section of your yard or garden that needs a little TLC and we’ll bring it to life.
  • Power Washing | Great for adding new life to decks, patios, garages, driveways, outdoor furniture, and landscape rocks & pavers. Estimates available upon request.
  • Gutter Cleaning | We are happy to help you with gutters on single-story houses or garages. Anything requiring an extension ladder will require the pros.
  • Lawn Mowing | If you have a lawn mower and just need someone to provide the people-power, we’ve got you covered.