Joy x3

This is a great example of the randomness that we get asked to do. Duct tape hopscotch! The best part is that it brought joy to the client, it’ll bring joy to her grandson, and it brought joy to me because I got to install it on a beautiful sunny day.

Growth & Change

We have been extremely blessed with a tremendous response to Joy Delivered. Seriously. Expectations massively blown out of the water. THANK YOU to all who have supported this business.

Today we are announcing new pricing for all our services. We are doing this because it is part of our vision to bring as much joy to as many people as possible. This means gearing up to expand.

Watch for more info on hiring in the weeks to come. For the time being, if you are interested in enrolling in our vision to bring joy to others, reach out to us. We will be looking for part-time hourly help. Key requirement: you guessed it, you’ve got to bring the joy!