“We” vs. “I”

You may have noticed the use of the word “we” throughout this site. The truth is, Joy Delivered is a one-man operation. . .for now. And it’s that “for now” that represents my vision for this business. I believe that Joy Delivered will touch so many lives that I will eventually not be able to serve them all without additional help. Because I believe this so strongly, I act “as if”. I have found that this mode of thinking is what drives change in my life. So I act as if Joy Delivered is more than just me, because one day it will be “we” and not just “I”.

To everyone who has encouraged me and rooted for me since Joy Delivered opened in November 2018, I offer my heartfelt thanks. This business has changed my life and the lives of many others in just 4 months. The month of February was absolutely huge and the momentum is really picking up. Please continue to spread the word and encourage friends and family to try out this service (remember, that first hour is free). Many clients have told me how hard it is to find someone trustworthy to help them with their errands and how much this business has saved them.

With Peace & Love,